How Warm Is My Coat? Warm Clothing Advice from Free Country

This is a question we get asked over and over - and not an easy one to answer.

We understand that shopping for winter clothes can be a challenge, and we want to help you pick warm jackets for you and your family. Here at Free Country we don't give our garments a warmth rating for temperature conditions, because we know just how subjective comfort can be. A winter coat that's perfect for you might be too warm or cold for someone else in the very same weather conditions.

That said, we can offer a few pointers. Here are some factors for you to take into considerations when choosing a warm coat for winter-weather activities. 

  • Most Midweight garments are fleece lined and not insulated.

  • Be sure to select a size that will allow a comfortable amount of space for proper base layering
  • Fleece and Softshell jackets can be used as a base layer under another jacket for added warmth

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